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The Wisconsin Vintners Association is an educational organization that focuses on teaching its members the fundamentals of winemaking. Organized in 1970, a wide range of members from beginners to award winning experts, join together to share their knowledge and experience.  At monthly meetings, members learn winemaking basics and how to test and assess their wines by identifying its components and correcting faults that may occur in the winemaking process; all of this in a fun and social setting.

The Vintner’s Press
This is the club’s monthly publication that covers a large variety of winemaking topics; over 80 articles available to read.
Here is a sample of the Vintners Press.
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July 2020.  Annual Lakefront Brewery Potluck:  Cancelled due to Covid-19

August 2020. Annual Fox River Picnic:                  Cancelled due to Covid-19

September 9, 2020.  Zoom Membership Meeting:              See Newletter or Vintners Press for details.

WVA 50th Anniversary Celebration:  Postponed.  Keep on the look-out for details about this Great Event!







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